Rasul Mud Chamber

A traditional Egyptian treatment, the Rasul Mud Chamber harnesses the therapeutic benefits of mineral mud to improve the complexion, relieve rheumatic discomfort and remove toxins by encouraging blood flow to revive tissue and stimulate the lymph system.

Smooth on our finest Rasul mud to your body and face, then relax on the heated loungers. Let mud and steam gently detox and destress you beneath twinkling starry sky. The ritual finishes with a soft, warm tropical rain shower that removes the mud leaving your skin incredibly soft and smooth.

Maximum of 2 guests per session (Please note no therapist is required)
Rasul Mud for Spa Members: £7
Rasul Mud for non-members plus Thermal Experience: £25 

The Rasul Ritual Lasts for approximately 40 minutes.

Please note prices shown above are for EVE Members and guests enjoying a Spa treatment with Thermal Experience included.
For non members an additional £15 per person  applies for use of the Thermal Experience.

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