Water & Ice

Ice Fountain     

Just as it sounds, the Ice Fountain provides an invigorating, cooling experience designed to quickly cool your body and close the pores.  

Handfuls of ice flakes should be massaged into the skin all over your body, creating a refreshing sensation while helping to stimulate the circulation and leave you with glowing, truly pampered skin.

We ask that our members don't use the ice to cool their drinks!

Monsoon Showers

Our Monsoon Showers offer a range of experiences to exhilarate and invigorate with alternating water temperatures and intensity to both cleanse and create a sensation of relaxation.

Choose from a hot or cool experience, with either a gentle mist to soothe the skin or powerful jets to reenergise the body.

Foot Spas

Soothe tired feet by treating them to a footspa; soaking in warm water while being gently massaged by air bubbles for a relaxing treat.

Speak to our EVE Team to book your Thermal Experience on 0300 300 0266

Experience Areas

Aroma Room

Chinese Salt Room

Rasul Mud Chamber

Steam Room
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