Body Treatments

EVE Spa Signature Treatment
Tranquility Ritual

An aromatic well-being ritual for the face and body, this is the ultimate pampering experience. Combining sensorial synergy of delicate textures with the power of human touch, this treatment hydrates and tones while deeply relaxing both mind and body.
This treatment includes a nourishing body wrap, express facial of your choice and a comforting massage application of Tranquility Body Cream, to leave you feeling refreshed
and revitalised.
90 minutes: £65.00

D-age Body Treatment 

A rejuvenating treatment which helps regain elasticity and gives the skin a renewed plumpness, excellent for improving the appearance of stretch marks.
An all over body exfoliation begins the treatment leaving the skin luxuriously smooth and prepared for the application of our deeply hydrating mask, which will be enclosed in a body wrap. You can let your mind drift away as you enjoy a scalp and shoulder massage.
To finish the highly nourishing D-age body cream will be applied: the skin will feel fresh and fully hydrated.
60 Minutes: £50.00


Detoxifying Mud Treatment 
An exclusive detoxifying and purifying marine mud treatment. This relaxing full body exfoliation begins with full body exfoliation,  warmed mud is then applied and smoothed onto the body, the body is then  wrapped up to encourage detoxifying  and softening of skin.  While relaxing the therapist will massages your head shoulders and scalp relieving stress and tension. To finish an anti cellulite oil is applied, providing the skin  additional moisture.  This treatment helps to tone and brighten the skin as well as detoxing, therefore reducing the appearance of cellulite. This treatment is recommended for those with water retention 

60 minutes: £50.00

Body Strategist and Cellulite Remodeller

A double action intense cellulite treatment which helps break down those stubborn areas of ‘orange peel’ from your first treatment. The hot and cold experienced from the products helps to boost circulation, helping to eliminate toxins more effectively.
Your skin will be revived, more toned and have a smoother appearance. This treatment mainly focuses on the thighs and buttocks.
60 minutes:

Inch Loss Body Wrap

A detox inch loss wrap using a sea clay formula which contains essential oils designed to draw out any impurities. It does this by speeding up the lymphatic system which helps remove toxins to promote inch loss. Measurements are taken before and after treatment for accurate results. Once the clay has been applied you will be wrapped in bandages helping to speed up circulation you will then be cocooned in a sheet while a mini facial will be performed.
The end result is smooth and purified skin as well as feeling invigorated and inches lost.
Highly recommended before a special occasion to eliminate any puffiness or fluid retention.
Works best as a course of treatments.
105 minutes: £65.00

Body Treatments
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