CACI Testimonials 

The result of over 20 years research, the award winning CACI Facial Toning Treatment has been voted the most effective anti-ageing treatment available.

How CACI Works

Using a combination of ultra-low frequencies that work in harmony with the body’s own bio-electrical field, the system can be used for softening lines and wrinkles, facial toning, hand rejuvenation, sun damaged skin hydration, stretchmarks and as an acne/blemish treatment.

It's painless, non-surgical and will make you look younger. It's so good that Madonna and Jennifer Lopez have recently had machines installed in their homes. It's CACI (pronounced kay-see) and it stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument.

Before & After Pictures

The CACI treatment system will deliver you with dramatic results.
Our before and after pictures will give you a perfect guide to how our CACI works with Acne, Wrinkles and the firming of the Skin.

Treatment methods that slough off the dead skin cells like Microdermabrasion and an Ultrasonic Peel can prevent sebum from becoming trapped in the follicles. These exfoliation methods also help to unblock obstructed follicles by removing the comedones. 

Stimulatory treatments such as Microcurrent, Hydrotone and Red Light Therapy may dramatically improve the appearance of skin around the eye area, improving blood flow, constricting the capillaries resulting reduction of dark circles, wrinkles and bags.

Celebrities That Love CACI

There are a long list of Celebrities who are now using CACI instead of going under the knife... here is what some of them had to say about CACI…..

Jennifer Lopez has been using CACI and now has her own machine at home.
  “The CACI ultra is amazing.

Binky & her Mum Sue from the hit TV Show Made is Chelsea have also been testing out the home range.
Here is what they has to say about it!
It’s like a face work out! You have to work out your face muscles like you do in the gym with your body – it helps keep your face plump and firm. It’s also great for stimulating collagen and energizing the skin, this is one for all ages. Mummy says that this has worked wonders for her"

Another famous face using CACI is Carol McGriffian …Carol admits she hasn’t had any surgery but has been using CACI, even her other loose woman friends are using it to.
“The CACI is good. Janet Street Porter uses CACI and she’s 63.

It's not just the women who are using CACI non-surgical solutions the men are getting involved to. Sir Cliff Richard has been using CACI as has Dale Winton. Dale Winton has said
“I couldn’t believe the difference it lifts and firms brilliantly. It will stave of the years until I need to have plastic surgery”


If that’s not enough! the Queen of Pop has recently discovered the CACI Ultra facial, which has long been a celebrity favourite due to its facelift effect. Madonna’s close friend says ..
“She’s sick of injecting her face with fillers and toxins”

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