Relieving aching muscles, relaxing the mind and soothing the soul: an EVE Spa body treatment is the ideal way to destress and unwind. What's more, all treatments include use of the Thermal Experience - so it truly is the ideal way to escape the stresses of every day life.

All 55+ minute body treatments and massages include use of our Thermal Experience. To find out more: Click here

[comfort zone] Aromasoul Ritual Scrub and Elements Massage 

This renewing volcanic scrub ritual uses a mineral rich lava particle that softens the skin leaving it looking radiant. The unique aromatherapy massage takes you on a journey through four distinct worlds: the exotic Orient, the warmth of the Mediterranean, the vibrant world of India and the ancient culture of desert tribes, for a complete sensorial experience. An indulgent relaxing massage ritual for back, neck and shoulders using specially selected oils to enhance your experience and relax body and mind.
90 minutes: £65.00

ishga Invigorating Massage 

This invigorating treatment works by combining marma massage, lymphatic drainage and traditional swedish massage techniques. It is designed to detox and balance the body whilst removing any particular areas of tension and stress. Your therapist will adapt the pressure to suit your needs. A deep rhythmic pressure massage that eases stress and aching muscles, relieving tension and relaxing both body and mind.
25 minutes: £30.00
55 minutes:

ishga Hot Stones Massage 

Incorporating heated basalt stones which instantly relax the muscles, allowing the treatment to work at a deeper level. Seaweed based oil with lemongrass, juniper and lavender will detoxify and regenerate the skin.

30 minutes: £35.00
60 minutes: £55.00

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep rhythmic pressure massage that eases stress and aching muscles, relieving tension and relaxing both body and mind. 
25 minutes: £30.00
55 minute: £50.00

Caudalie Divine Massage

A relaxing body massage featuring our award-winning Divine Oil, a combination of 4 exceptional plant oils. Your skin will be luxuriously softened, moisturised and wrapped in a delicate floral fragrance; a blend of roses, grapefruit, pink pepper, vanilla, cedar and white musk. 
55 minutes: £50.00

Caudalie Fleur de Vigne Massage 

Relaxing under the glow of the soft light of a massage candle that melts into a warm oil, delicately scented with fleur de vigne (grape blossom), enjoy a unique and relaxing experience where all your senses will be indulged. Tension will be relieved and you will regain your energy.
55 minutes: £50.00

Thai Herbal Compress Massage


Beginning with full body brushing to help stimulate and exfoliate your skin to fully absorb the benefits of the herbs. A hot herbal compress is then introduced to your back in a deep pounding motion. Your therapist will incorporate deep manual massage with the compresses to increase energy flow, improve circulation, relax muscles and stimulate nerves. Toxins and fluids that make us sluggish and lethargic are given a kick start as this powerful spa treatment rejuvenates and stimulates body and mind. 
55 minutes: £55.00

Thai Coconut Compress Massage

(Moisturising and Soothing)

55 minutes: £55.00

Mini Compress Facial 

Add on to any compress massages. Designed to release sinus tension, deep cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising. 

15 minutes: £10.00

All 55+ minute body treatments, massage and facials include use of Thermal Experience.

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