About Rasul Mud

A traditional Egyptian treatment, the Rasul Mud Chamber harnesses the therapeutic benefits of mineral mud to improve the complexion, relieve rheumatic discomfort and remove toxins by encouraging blood flow to revive tissue and stimulate the lymph system.

During a Rasul Mud Chamber experience, once you are comfortable within the chamber, you will apply our finest mineral mud to your body and face before a gentle steam begins to fill the Chamber. Relaxing on the Chamber's heated lounger and letting the mud and steam gently detox and destress you beneath twinkling starry sky you will feel a sense of calm and wellbeing. The ritual finishes with a soft, warm tropical rain shower that removes the mud leaving your skin incredibly soft and smooth.

The Rasul "Ritual" lasts for approximately 40 minutes, and can be enjoyed either individually or with a friend, as our Chamber is perfectly sized for two.

Mud for use in the Rasul Chamber can be purchased from the EVE Team.

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